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A Tale of Artificial Turf Excellence

A Tale of Artificial Turf Excellence

In the Maspeth area in Queens, New York, a customer had a vision for her backyard. Tired of the constant maintenance and upkeep of natural grass, she longed for a lush and vibrant outdoor space where she could relax and entertain without the hassle. Determined to turn her dream into reality, the homeownerdecided to call Adkins Landscape Contracting, known for our expertise in transforming outdoor spaces with premium quality artificial turf.

Upon hearing the customer vision for her 1000 square foot backyard, our team sprang into action. We scheduled a consultation to assess the space and discuss the customer preferences for the artificial turf installation. The customer was impressed by our professionalism and attention to detail, and she knew she had made the right choice.

As the project began, our skilled team worked tirelessly to prepare the backyard for the installation of the premium quality artificial turf. Wemeticulously leveled the ground, ensuring a smooth and even surface for the turf to be laid. The customer watched in awe as her backyard was transformed before her eyes.

Finally, the day arrived for the artificial turf to be installed. We worked efficiently and with precision, laying down the lush green turf that would soon become the centerpiece of the customer backyard oasis. As the last piece of turf was put in place, the customer couldn't contain her excitement.

When the project was completed, the backyard had been completely transformed. The premium quality artificial turf looked and felt just like natural grass, without any of the maintenance headaches. The customer was overjoyed with the result and couldn't wait to invite friends and family over to enjoy her newly revamped outdoor space.

Thanks to our team of landscape professionals, the customer Brooklyn backyard had been turned into a beautiful and low-maintenance retreat where she could relax, unwind, and make lasting memories. The transformation was a true testament to the power of premium quality artificial turf and expert craftsmanship.

Location: Queens, NY

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