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Brooklyn Lawn Care: From Simple Mowing To Complete Grounds Management

Lawn Care

At Adkins Landscape Contracting, we take pride in offering comprehensive Brooklyn lawn care services that encompass every aspect of maintaining lush and healthy lawns. Our dedication to landscaping for Brooklyn means understanding the borough's unique environment and tailoring our services to meet its demands. From simple mowing to complete grounds management, our expert team ensures that your outdoor spaces remain vibrant and well-maintained year-round.

We recognize that every lawn has distinct needs, which is why our approach goes beyond routine mowing. Our lawn care services encompass precise fertilization, targeted weed control, disease prevention, and more. Whether you're a homeowner seeking a perfectly manicured lawn or a business owner striving for an inviting outdoor environment, we provide solutions that enhance the curb appeal and aesthetic charm of your property.

Adkins Landscape Contracting's commitment to Brooklyn's landscapes is at the heart of our lawn care services. With our expertise, your lawn becomes a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability, professional excellence, and elevating the outdoor experience for property owners across the borough.

To get an estimate, please contact us via email or text your assigned landscape technician and provide us with the following information:

  • The size of the area to be covered (i.e. length, width, height, depth, etc..)
  • Pictures of the area to be covered
  • Specify desired service request
  • Any specific design, drawings, project specifics, and color requirements
  • Your location


Adkins Landscape Contracting's mowing services go beyond the routine. We meticulously manicure your lawn, ensuring an even and precise cut that promotes healthy growth. Our approach considers factors such as grass type, height preferences, and seasonal variations to maintain a vibrant and well-kept appearance.

Bed Maintenance

Hedges and plants are popular ornamental features on property landscapes. Hedges and plants may be of varying size and may be seasonal or evergreens, but all of them need to be trimmed and cared for. Keeping plants and shrubs neat and tidy reduces the likelihood of attracting unwanted rodents. Unkempt shrubs and plants are ideal hiding places for pests like rats and snakes. Our bed maintenance service includes shaping and cutting back shrubs/plants, cultivating and fertilizing topsoil, watering and checking irrigations, weeding plant areas, inspecting plants for disease, and mulching when necessary.


Precision is key in our trimming services. Our expert team skillfully trims edges, shrubs, and plants, creating clean lines that elevate the aesthetics of your landscape. Our attention to detail extends to every corner, enhancing the overall appeal of your outdoor spaces.

Lawn Maintenance

Adkins Landscape Contracting's lawn maintenance services encompass a holistic approach to keep your greenspaces thriving. From regular mowing and fertilization to aeration and weed control, we tailor our maintenance regimen to ensure your lawn remains lush, healthy, and vibrant throughout the seasons.

Complete Grounds Management

Prices start at $200/month. This is a full-service package dedicated to keeping the property landscape healthy, clean, safe, and attractive. Service includes lawn care, annual plantings and harvestings, periodic weeding and fertilizing, other gardening, snow removal for driveways and path maintenance, runoff drainage and irrigation installation, swimming pool care, shrub pruning, protecting, and improving topsoil and plants. Our complete grounds management services offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining the beauty and functionality of your property.

Frequently Asked Lawn Care Questions

Our lawn care services contribute to the longevity of the landscape by nurturing healthy grass growth and minimizing potential issues. Adkins Landscape Contracting's approach to mowing, trimming, and comprehensive maintenance not only enhances the aesthetics but also promotes strong root systems, disease prevention, and effective water absorption, ensuring your lawn remains vibrant for years to come.

Absolutely. Our lawn care services are versatile and adaptable to a variety of properties, whether residential or commercial. Adkins Landscape Contracting's expertise extends to creating tailored lawn care solutions that suit the unique characteristics and requirements of each property, ensuring that every client enjoys the benefits of a lush and well-maintained landscape.

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Lawn Care

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